Photographic Prints

All photos are available as high-quality prints, individually printed on archival stock with professional pigment inks. Prices range from $25 (CDN) plus shipping for 8 x 10" prints to $125 plus shipping for 12 x 16". Inquire for details and prices on other sizes. For many images, both colour and toned monochrome prints are available.

Quality reproductions of the prints in the Nature series are available ready to frame, matted with archival material (fits an 8 x 10" frame) and printed on archival stock for $25 (CDN) plus shipping.

To inquire about prints or about digital rights for any images here, contact:

Print Series

Nature Series
Matted prints of nature images sized for an 8 x 10" frame

Megalith Series
Archival quality prints of monochrome images of the megaliths of Drenthe, available in a range of sizes.

John Kuipers

The images here reflect my interest in natural form and texture, landscape and my romance with megaliths and the old stones of Europe.
About the photos...

About the megaliths...

Under the Megaliths menu heading, the slideshows explore ruins in Holland, Germany, England, France and the Balearics. Under the Photography menu heading, Themes focuses on detail, texture and ambiguity. Places draws from various travels.

Most photos are available as archival quality photographic prints, and as digital image rights. Please inquire for information.