• Ghost Storeys, Toronto
  • Ghost Storeys detail, Toronto
  • Ghost Storeys detail, Toronto
  • Phantom Houses, Toronto
  • Ghost Factory, Toronto
  • Wall, Signage, Door, Toronto
  • Phantom Roofline, Toronto
  • Ghost Stairways, Toronto
  • Stairway to Nowhere, Toronto
  • Ghost Store, Toronto
  • Ghost Factory, Toronto
  • Brick Work, Toronto
  • Ghost Storeys detail, Toronto

Ghost storeys: Phantom walls and indecent exposures

Skeletons of stairways lead to sketchy outlines of vanished rooms. Walls and floors are reduced to peeling tableaus of bones, scars and blisters.

Urban landscapes are filled with these exposed impressions of previously attached buildings that have been ripped away, but still enjoy a fleeting afterlife as ghostly projections of their former selves.

Sadly, their corrosive beauty usually flowers only briefly, just until the indecent exposure can be hastily painted over, covered up or hauled away.