• Abandoned Farmhouse Window, Midlaren
  • Window, Muiderberg
  • Mannequins, Zutphen
  • Shed, Steenwijkerwold
  • This Bird Has Flown, Eext
  • Back Door, Johannesga
  • Fishing Net, Giethoorn
  • Window, Giethoorn
  • Wall and broom, Muiderberg
  • Balcony, Steenwijk
  • Burning Ship (Balcony, Steenwijk)
  • Window, Harlingen
  • Windows, Groningen
  • The Thinker, Garnwerde, Groningen
  • Shed, Zutphen
  • A Place in the Sun, Odoorn
  • Water Pails, Zutphen
  • Watering Cans, Zutphen
  • Garage Doors, Garnwerde
  • The Works, Church, Groningen
  • The Rider and the Bridge, Sloten
  • Barn Windows, Friesland
  • Window, Harlingen
  • Window, Meppel
  • Window Reflection, Meppel
  • Canal, Leeuwarden
  • Derelict Car
  • You're More Beautiful Than Ever

Details 1: Frames
and Curiosities

This series of details is focused loosely on windows, doors, frames and facades, along with settings that evoke similar ideas.

Many images are from the Netherlands, where whimsical arrangements of odd objects in front windows have become something of a popular art form.